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SPARK impacts your business performance. Supply Chains which are responsible for the flow of material & information contribute anywhere from 60-90% of the COGS of organizations. It is well known that a 10% improvement in the links of Supply Chain is equivalent to 200-500% percentage improvement in some other area of organization. The performance improvement in supply chain hence is core to the improvement of organizational performance indicators.

At SPARK we impact your

Cash Flow Improvement – Managing the flow of money that comes into the business (from customers) & the money that goes out of the business (vendors) is the single most contributor to organizational profitability . We intervene to reduce the length of time it takes to convert the raw material into actual sales which naturally improves the cash flow cycle.

Diagnose potential areas of improvement – A well diagnosed improvement initiative would lead to a structured & directed improvement in performance. With it’s diagnostic tools SPARK helps organizations discover root causes of problems. It leading to improvement areas & also prioritize improvement initiatives. We call it a ‘Path Lab’ approach.

Operations ImprovementSPARK impacts tactical level improvements which impact the strategic measures. We improve On-time-delivery performance, achieve higher inventory turnover ratio, release capacity on the floor, improve productivity & implement systems to ensure excellence.

People Competency & Skills improvement –At SPARK we believe that a sustainable performance improvement needs enhanced knowledge skills & competence equipped work force. We engage coach, mentor to improve the people competencies & skills.

Process CapabilitySPARK helps organizations lay down scalable process which is viable for a significant period of time. We also help organizations create a process orientation moving away from the ‘hero’ model of working.