Management Development Program

Sustainable excellence is People. At SPARK we have a fundamental belief in ‘knowledge empowered professional’ being the key success factor for viable growth of an organization. And this is something which can't be replicated by competitor’s hence will offer strategic advantage. SPARK ‘releases potential’ of the participants by ‘igniting’ the passion driven through our well designed & excellently delivered programs.

In a carefully drawn set of contemporary Management Development Programs, SPARK caters to the entire breadth of organization as well as all levels of Management. The programs are focused on delivering relevant & actionable content for the relevant context of the participants. SPARK Management Development Programs focus on learning’s which the participants can use in their daily functioning. The course content is designed keeping in perspective the fine balance between academic learning and practical utility of the learning by the participants for their daily work.

SPARK believes it’s a ‘Partner’ to the client in the endeavour for creating ‘capable’ organization. SPARK programs are hence customized to the client context. We engage with the client to appreciate the reasons for undertaking the program, participants profile, expected outcome and organizational plans for training. The engagements help us appreciate the context and SPARK hence delivers extremely relevant & value adding programs for its ‘Partners’.

SPARK has bandwidth of skills, competence and aptitude required to deliver ‘valued’ programs. SPARK has a passionate set of individuals who fundamentally believe in creating and sharing ideas to enhance capability of professionals. The trainers are a rich blend of Industry experience & Academic rigour with a passion to impart knowledge.