SPARK believes in ‘Indigenous Supply Chain Practices’. In Indian context we think that the ‘adoption ‘of global practices in their ‘as-is’ form will lead to a poor ‘adaptability’. Indigenous practices which leverage from global best practices but are delivered & implemented considering the Indian context of working are extremely important for their ‘sustainability’ of improvement.

SPARK has a world view of Supply Chain as all links contributing to the material & information flow associated with the demand & supply. In case of most of the organizations Supply Chains constitute upwards of 70% of the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). A 10-15% improvement in the performance of Supply Chain is equivalent to 100% to 300% improvement in some other areas of business like HR, Finance, Administration or IT.

The approach & methodology which SPARK deploys makes the internal stakeholders own the improvement initiative which in turn leads to an enhanced implementation with better buy-in. At SPARK we believe that our intervention should lead to a ‘sustained’ performance improvement for the organization. Change should be plastic not elastic

SCPIC impacts the core of your company’s performance which gets reflected on the Profit & Loss account & Balance Sheet. The key outcomes which SPARK achieves in Supply Chain improvement are; Cash Flow Improvement, Cost Reduction & People Supply Chain.

“Not everything that can be counted counts” – Albert Einstein