Organizations are entities with an endeavour to improve. And improve consistently. To consistently achieve the goals, organizations require a drive for continuously seeking opportunities to improve performance, an ‘igniting’ mechanism which keeps the system illuminated. It means organizations need a SPARK. To improve needs a SPARK. A SPARK to ‘discover’ what hinders performance or ‘define’ what needs to be.

Knowing either will help appreciate what we need to ‘design’ to reach where we intend to. To ‘develop’ a solution and ‘deploy’ it will iron out diagnosed potential bottlenecks. It will synchronize organizational efforts and ‘ignite’ the true potential for sustained performance. This is the central philosophy for us at SPARK. We ignite. We release potential. At SPARK we believe that organizations are systems which are a blend of people, process, policies & paradigms evolved over a period of time.

Each in its individual domain has variations (like processes inconsistent across organizations) and interfaces have a different level of integration challenge. The subsystems alignment to the overall system objectives drives ‘consistency’ of actions across the breadth of organization. We at SPARK believe that a system to consistently deliver on high growth trajectory needs holistic perspective of focusing on optimizing the overall system performance which will result in improved performance. To consistently achieve the goals, organizations need a drive for seeking opportunities to improve performance. SPARK .

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle