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At SPARK we believe in the core philosophy ofEmpowered Knowledgeable People lead to Sustainable Performance Improvement. To cater to multiple business improvement scenarios, SPARK is organized to offer the breadth of services across the improvement initiatives of the organization. In the life cycle of client business improvement initiatives we engage ourselves in multiple modes with the client.

Supply Chain Performance Improvement Consulting (SCPIC) - Scenarios where the client context needs problem solving SPARK engages in SCPIC. In this engagement model SPARK works across the life cycle of issue identification to solution deployment. Performance Improvement is delivered with a predetermined improvement goal.

Management Development Programs - Employees are the assets whose knowledge is the ‘competitive lever’ for sustained excellence. SPARK engages with clients for delivering Management Development Programs (MDP). We at SPARK have a passion to contribute to organizational improvement by imparting relevant and workable knowledge to the organizational participants. Our MDPS’s are carefully designed after consultation with the client context. Faculty has rich balanced experience of industry and academia which enhances the course content and delivery. SPARK .

Advisory - SPARK Advisory is a niche service crafted for such organizations. We mentor organizations by assessing the potential challenges which may impair potential growth. SPARK .

Philosophies used by SPARK

At SPARK the idea is deliver value. We avoid the world view of – ‘if I have a hammer then the whole world is a nail’. We also believe that ‘one doesn’t need a power hammer to drill a hole in a paper’.

We are equipped with skills & competencies multiple Business Excellence Models, Lean Philosophy, Business Process Re-engineering & Theory of Constraints apart from indigenously developed approaches for Indian Context.