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On-time-delivery performance – In the new world of business, on-time-delivery measured is as when customer needed it & not when I promised & delivered it. It is the single most important dimension of supply chain which has to be improved. It leads to an overall health improvement of the entire Supply Chain. We improve your On-time delivery to a predefined level of performance.

Inventory Turnover Ratio – It is well proven that the largest amount of working capital for an organization is needed & then blocked in inventory. Inventory by far is the single most reason for organization to have a confused state where the balance sheet looks alright but Profit-Loss account doesn’t. Improvement in the inventory turnover ratio is one of the important interventions of SPARK to help organizations improve the Supply Chains to stay competitive.

Developing Supply Strategy – All Supply Chains are as good as their Supply side of the Supply Chain. In many organizations 60-70% of the Supply Chain cost is the cost of the Supplier side of the supply chain. A well-structured & laid down Supply Strategy would leading to enhanced Supplier performance will result in substantial performance improvement in overall Supply Chain performance.

Supply Chain Process Streamlining – The first step to improvement begins by discovering & documenting the current process. It is observed that many supply chain processes are retained as tacit knowledge rather than explicit & documented knowledge. Being tacit creates its own limitations for supply chain functioning. SPARK, with the support of world class supply chain process modelling techniques, lays down the supply chain processes & performance indicators leading to enhanced knowledge retention as well as visibility.

Productivity Improvement – The competitiveness of organizations many a times is a function of utilizing the assets. Enhances in productivity can lead to a substantial increase in other performance parameters like flexibility, responsive & reliability of the supply chain. At SPARK, we utilize world class productivity improvement philosophies to help your organization achieve better performance.

People Supply Chain – It is imperative for an organization to be able to utilize it’s prime asset – People – for its sustained performance benefits. At SPARK, we engage with People working in the supply chain to identify their key skills & competencies, map against the competencies & skills needed for their role which will lead to initiatives to bridge the gap.