Advisory > Supply Chain Risks

Organizations’ have become longer and deeper. The supply chain is now a network of multiple entities spread across geographies with increased dependencies on each other. The dependencies necessarily have increased the potential for a small disruption to have cascading effects of much larger proportions. The awareness amongst the stakeholders has always existed but the necessary framework & actions needed to lay down the organizational processes to appraise and act on the supply chain risks has always been in question. Supply Chain risks have a direct impact on the cost and the revenue of the organization. SPARK offers services of; Supply Chain Risk Assessment & Implementation Knowing the potential areas of risks and their likely impact on the supply chain can help organizations draw plans to mitigate the risks to ensure supply chain resilience. SPARK has created a methodology to assess all areas across the supply chain to identify the scale of risks. All links of the supply chain beginning with Suppliers, Logistics Providers, Manufacturer, and downstream channel members along-with the Supply Chain processes are covered in the assessment.

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