Advisory > Supply Chain Performance Measures

It’s a cliché - Competition is no more between organizations; it’s between the supply chains of organizations. Hence the importance of supply chain performance - the entire chain's ability to meet end-customer needs in efficient and effective manner. To achieve that goal, organizations need performance measures, or "metrics".

At SPARK we believe that the system performance is the central theme for organizational success. The performance measures must be holistic and discover not only how well the organization is meeting for customers’ needs but also how well it is handling its own business (speed, asset/inventory, and financial metrics). SPARK believes having performance measures which help achieve the ‘global’ optima for the organization. SPARK has deep insights into creating Supply Chain Performance Frameworks as well as defining the measures suited for the organizational context. Drawn from multiple world class philosophies, like SCOR model, Balance Score Card, TQM, SPARK offers services of laying the performance measures for the organization. SPARK creates the holistic performance measures aligned with the organizational goals and consistent across the hierarchy of the organization.

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