Management Development Program >M.D.P. domains

SPARK focuses on developing skills & competencies. We intend to equip participants with tools & techniques , more importantly a world view & thinking abilities. Tools & Templates for each of the programs have been designed & participants work on those during the workshop.

 The development of skills & competencies require multiple approaches. One of the approaches which work the best is the design of the program based on the identified business need. SPARK would help organizations determine the identified area of skills development leading into delivering skills improvement based engagement.

 SPARK partners for ‘outcome’ based engagement too. These engagements focus on delivering a pre-determined outcome which has an impact on performance indicator of organization.
Key areas domains where SPARK delivers programs are :

Supply Chain Management – The integrated view of an organization would lead to a substantial benefit to become a customer driven organization. Supply Chain world view which SPARK delivers equips organizations with Supply Chain strategies, Network design, and Measuring supply chain performance along-with world class models of Supply Chain.

Lean – Organisations which focus of improving productivity & reducing cost need to embrace world class philosophies to achieve that. SPARK has delivered multiple engagements in Lean manufacturing which includes techniques like 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Total Productive Maintenance etc.

Inventory Management – It is well known that an organization locks is largest amount of working capital in Inventory. SPARK programs focus on discovery of the need for inventory, inventory planning, inventory operations & measuring inventory performance. Participants typically get equipped with excellent tools & techniques leading to inventory optimization for the organization.